Welcome to Keepsake Silks

Hi and welcome to my page… my name is Lisamarie and I want to take you on my journey as a card maker/designer.

Birthday Card 003

One of my first ever cards…

When I first started making my own cards they looked very basic and now through learning some hints, tips and techniques I make cards that are so much better. You too can improve your cards with a few tweaks here and there.

Baby Card 005a

Now I make cards and design my own toppers  (‘Baby Ultrasound’ image) complete with personalised inserts…

This is what has inspired me and made me become a better crafter. Why not join me as I show you the cards I make and how I went about making them and you too could be on your way to making cards like mine… or even better cards.

A word of warning though… a big thing to avoid is copying someone else’s work and passing them off as your own. Here is a link all about copyright. If you want to know more the head over to this page… (not mine).. for further information. NOTE: If you copy a card for technique and to help you improve your ‘creativity’ then this is okay, as long as you state your source and give credit where credit is due.


Copyright link: via The Blue Bottle Tree website

Lisamarie. x

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